Huntington's new attraction. The Snake River Sternwheeler Associations new shuttle bus for showing people the areas historical sites around Huntington. The shuttle bus operates on donations. If your interested in a 5 or more persons shuttle please call


Huntington, Oregon
Experience the History and Heritage of Huntington      

"A Great Little City With A Big Heart"

Tired of the Big City Life? Want to just get away for a few days? Like the small town appeal?

Well Huntington has the small town appeal with many wonderful things to do. We have the Snake River within 5 miles of us with lots of great fishing. Hunting is great around the area with many places to go. History and Heritage is what Huntington was built on. We are one of just a few towns located right on the Oregon Trail and the Railroad's East Meets the West right here in Huntington. We offer Lodging, Dining, Fuel, Mechanical services, Shopping, Camping, Bait and Tackle, and many other things. Check out our Town Directory for a list of services and businesses.


Huntington and the surrounding area's have a great deal of history. From the Oregon Trail to the golden spike marking the Eastern and Western railroads Huntington has a lot to share. Miners came to the area to find their share of gold and other minerals. Sternwheeler's were built here in Huntington to transport people and ore up and down the Snake River. The Van Orman Massacre of 1860 .

Miners came to the area to find their share of gold and other minerals. Read more about Huntington and the area with links to other sites to learn more about the county, state and history that formed our country to what it is today.

Hunting, Angling & Sightseeing

Hunters, anglers and sightseers return to Huntington every year for the bountiful attractions. Wildlife in the area include: mule deer, elk, chukar, turkey, ducks, geese, coyotes and many more. In the Snake River (Brown Lee Reservoir) there can be found a wide variety of fish including: catfish, crappie, bass, trout, and sturgeon. In addition to Brown Lee, there is also Malheur Reservoir which is just a short scenic drive outside of Huntington.

For the avid sightseers, there are many exciting place to visit and many are within 30 minutes or less from Huntington. Visit Look Out Mountain, The Hanging Tree, Van Orman Massacre, pioneer cemeteries or take a relaxing drive through Hells Canyon, to satisfy your need for adventure. If you plan to stay a few days there is lodging and camper spaces at several locations within 15 minutes or less from Huntington.