Union Pacific Railroad Roundhouse:   The Union Pacific roundhouse was the hub of the railroad in Huntington area for many years. The roundhouse was a vital part of the railroad keeping freight moving.

Oregon trail Meeker Marker: The Oregon trail meeker marker in Huntington was placed to help mark where the settlers come through. The Oregon trail was one of may important keys to our countries growth.

Van Ornum Massacre: This was not the only massacre that happened but was an historical one for our area. 

Glowing Tombstone: Is one of our local sites. It has gained its notoriety by its name sake. talk to the locals to find out more of the history of the Glowing tombstone.

Old Rail Road Tunnel: The railroad traveled along the Snake River and to do this tunnels were built to get trains from one place to another. The tunnel has since been inundated by the Brownlee Reservior but can still be seen if the water is low. This has also been a hot spot for fishing to many people.

Bay Horse Silver Mine: This Mine like many was an important part of the history around the eastern side of Oregon.

The Hanging Tree: There are many stories about what happened at the infamous Hanging tree that to this day still holds the sign showing what it was used for. Take a trip up Rye Valley to go see the tree and the beauty of the scenic route through the mountains.

The Brownlee Reservior: Great places up and down the Brownlee and Snake river to fish, camp hunt, or just go for a relaxing drive. 

Hells Canyon: Take a scenic drive through Hells Canyon and see what the pioneers saw as they traveled through Oregon. If your looking for adventure then this is a drive you must take and you can start at the southern most entrance at Huntington and got all the way up to Richland and over to Baker City and then to Sumpter and see the Sumpter Dredge or take a ride on the old Sumpter Train.

Points of Interest​

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