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Outdoor Festival in Huntington, Oregon
​4 Days August 18-21, 2017
​Free admission to the public. All day music, entertainment, kid's games, and water park.
Expected attendance 15,ooo to 20,ooo people

Event Information and Requirements: Please read carefully:

​. Booth space fees are for 10x10 space for 4 days (must be present all 4 days) without electricity $300.
. Payment is due with application. Application deadline is August 1, 2017
. All vendor location requests will be considered on a first come first serve basis.
​. Vendors must supply their own tents, awnings, tables, chairs, etc.
. Please provide a detailed description of your booth items and if possible photos of sample items for sale.
​. Food vender: Due to logistics of food vendor set up, you are asked to check in between 7-8 am. Vendors who arrive after 8 am may forfeit pre assigned booth location and be assigned an alternate location. Food vendors must be able to provide a copy of their food service permit from the local health dept.
. All other vendors must check in between 8-10 am. Arrivals after 10 am may forfeit pre assigned booth locations and be assigned an alternate location.
​. Vehicles will not be allowed in the festival area after 10 am, without permission of a festival official and all vehicles MUST BE REMOVED from festival area NO LATER THAN 11 AM.
​. Booths must be completely set up and ready by 12 pm (noon). The event requests that all vendor booths remain open from 12-8 Friday, 8am -8 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as the Eclipse allows.
​. Vendors will have until noon on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 to completely pack up and clean your area. All vendors must be off festival grounds by 12 pm. (noon).
​. To prevent accident or injury, any vendor wishing to leave early MUST notify an event official. With permission, booths that can be packed up and walked out will be allowed to do so. NO vehicles will be allowed on festival grounds before 8 pm. Monday night August 21, 2017. NO refunds of booth fees will be given.
​. The vendor is responsible for leaving the vendor area in the condition that it was originally received, i.e. removal of all debris, boxes, bags, trash etc.
​. Each applicant will receive a confirmation letter upon acceptance of their application with a map and directions which will be mailed prior to the event.
​. This event will occur rain or shine. Be prepared for high heat and wind. There will be a period of darkness during the eclipse.
. All vendor fees are non-refundable.
​. All vendors are required to read and sign attached waiver and provide copies of all permits and/or insurance required by law for your booth. Vendor registration forms not completely filled out will not be accepted.
​. Absolutely no unattended booths or vehicles may be left on festival grounds the night before the event.
​. Vendor Registration forms must be returned and received by August 1, 2017.

 Event and Vendor Information and Registration

​Event Pioneer Days/Eclipse  August 18-21, 2017

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​Email _______________________ Phone _______________________

Type of Booth and Description : please indicate type and description

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​____ Game/activity
____ Non Profit
​____ Food
____ Art or Craft
​____ Other
Do you require electricity?    ____ Yes    ____ No
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____ Proof of Insurance attached
____ Copies of permits and licenses attached.

WAIVER: The Huntington chamber of commerce reserves the right to refuse any vendor application, should this occur the fee will be refunded. The vendor shall defend, save, and hold harmless the City of Huntington, the Chamber of Commerce, the Huntington Lions Club,their respective officers, agents, board members, staff, volunteers, sponsors,and assigns from any claims, damages, losses, liability, or expense which may arise and shall not be held responsible for any loss due to fire,accident, theft, weather, acts of God, vandalism, or any other loss or injury whatsoever or not specifically described herein whether past, present or future. Booths are not insured by the City of Huntington, the Chamber of Commerce, Huntingtons Lions Club or any sponsoring agents. Exhibitors must make provisions fo safe guarding their goods. Exhibitor must have replacement cost Insurance for all personal property, Exhibitor assumes full liability for protecting, care, and maintainence of exhibitors property. ANY VENDOR NOT HOLDING VALID LIABILITY INSURANCE EXHIBITS AT THEIR OWN RISK AND ASSUMES ALL LIABILITY.

Please sign to acknowledge that you have read all of the information, Rules, and Regulations and agree to be bound by this contract.

Signed: ____________________________________  Date:  ________________

Event and Vendor Information and Registration

​Event Pioneer Days/Eclipse  August 18-21, 2017