Pay City Water and Sewer
Purchase Permits:
Open Burn Permits $2.00 for 2 weeks
Burn Barrel Permits $5.00 1 Year
Dog License*, Kennel Permits**, Live Stock Permit
All-Terrain Vehicle Permits***
Fax, Copy, Notary Services
Drop Box For:

Baker Sanitation Payments
Cascade Natural Gas Payments

City Notices:

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City Hall

Address:  50 East Adams         Huntington, OR 97907
(Mailing Address PO Box 369)
Office Hours:         M-Th 9am to 4pm
Office Number:     541-869-2202
Fax Number:         541-869-2550

After Hours Emergency ONLY
Public Works Director/City Ordinance Officer:  541-709-1028
Public Works Assistant: 541-709-1029

Note: All * Indicate requirements or special notes, may be in conjunction with Federal,State, County Laws or previsions, subject to change. It shall be all persons, responsibility to check all laws. Information here is just a guideline not the law or ordinance as per the city, county, or state. Do not use this as the law. 
* Requires Vaccination Papers
** Number Of Animals permitted limited
*** Must Obey all State, County, and City Laws: Also Must Provide Valid State Issued Drivers License, Proof Of Insurance, Valid Class I All-Terrain Vehical Operator Permit Issued Under O.R.S. 390.570, $15.00 Annual Cost and other requirments as stated in State and City Ordinances. For Full City Ordinance Click Here