Juniors (13 & under)

Heaviest Cat  $50

Second Place  $30

Third Place  $20

​Fourth Place  $10


 Official Entry Blank: Print and Mail To:
 Lions Club P.O. Box 171 Huntington, OR 97907
 Pre-Registration Fish Derby * One Fee Pays For All Three Days
 Weigh-in Each Day 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 
Adult (14 and over) $10.00  Junior (13 and under) $5.00 

 City_______________________ State________ Zip ______
 Amount Enclosed $_______________

Contact Mike Raney at mraney1955@gmail.com for more information

Separate Contests and Cash Awards Repeated All Three Days


Heaviest Cat  $100                                          

Second place  $50                                           

​Third Place  $30                                             

​Fourth Place  $20                                            

Heaviest Cat of the Weekend  $500

A fish can be entered only once

​Trophy for the heaviest Cat of the tournament given in both classes.

​Must be pre registered to win!

​Registration open from noon until 10 pm Friday 7am -noon on Saturday 

​Mail in Registration must be received prior to the noon deadline on Saturday.

​All catfish must be alive when brought in to be weighed. Fish will be held in the park for viewing and released to river each night. In the event of a tie for heaviest cat, the first fish entered wins. 

Contact Mike Raney at mraney1955@gmail.com for more information.