​Car Show Entry Form

Snake River Car Show Mail Entry
The undersigned will maintain auto insurance as required for the vehicle to be exhibited on the date of said car show and upon request will provide proof that said insurance is in full force and effect. Organizers and other sponsoring entities will NOT be responsible for any damage whatsoever during the event.
Print and mail one entry form per vehicle you enter with total entry fee's to (No Cash Please): 
Huntington Chamber of Commerce
Po Box 282 Huntington, Oregon 97907

Special Features:____________________________________
Zip Code:  ____________________
Phone Day:_________________________________
Phone Night: _______________________________ 
Club (optional):_______________________
Date:  _________________

Check Only One: Early Bird Fee Regular Entry Fee
Total Enclosed :_____________
Fee: Event Fee:
Early Bird Fee $20.00 Prior to August 1st. After August 1st Regular Fee $25.00